Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Cereal Box Notebook

Hi everyone :)
I hope that you like my new blog design!
Here's a craft that you can use to plan out your new blog design, post ideas or anything else.
It's super easy and you should have all of the necessary materials right in your own home!
Here it is ~
 For this project you will need :
~ An empty cereal box or other cardboard
~ Patterned or colored paper (optional)
~ Embroidery thread or thin yarn
~ A sewing needle
~ Scissors
~ A ruler
~ A pen or marker
~ A glue stick
~ Washi tape or stickers (optional)
 Step 1~
Cut a rectangle out of your cardboard.
It can be whatever size you want.  Keep in mind that once
folded in half, this will be the size of your notebook.

 Step 2 ~
Fold in half and measure the length of the spine.
 Step 3~
Cut out a piece of your patterned/colored paper the same length
as the spine and wide enough to be folded over it.
Step 4~
Glue your strip of paper to the spine.  Make sure to fold it over
so that it covers part of the front and the back of the notebook.
 Step 5~
Cut out multiple pieces of paper with the same measurements as
your notebook (it doesn't have to be perfect).  These will be the
pages of your notebook.
 Step 6~
Thread your needle with the yarn/embroidery thread.
Step 7~
Aline the pages so that they fit into the book.  Then make marks
at equal intervals along the center.  This is where you will sew.

 Step 8~
Sew along the marks.  You may need to use a thimble if the
needle is hard to push through.
 Step 9~
Tie off the end.
Step 10~
Decorate the cover with washi tape, stickers, stamps or anything
else you want ☺
I would love to hear about your notebook if you decide to try this craft!
I would also love to hear your opinion on my new design :)
You can leave a comment in the box below or email me at

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  1. I love this idea it is so cute an original
    I will have to try this!
    Xxx Abbey