Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm back from Seattle

Hi guys :)

I'm super sorry about the extremely long wait! I've been back for a long time but haven't gotten around to finishing this. Sorry :(

I had so much fun in Seattle! I had driven through before but never actually stayed there. We did lots of shopping, (of course ☺) some exploring AND we went to a concert! Not a One Direction concert... think old....think rock and roll.....think 80s...........can you guess?????
BON JOVI!!!!!!!!
"awkward silence"
Any fans? NO????
That's ok ~ We love him ♥
My sister and I were some of the youngest people there! It was mainly people my parents age and up :)

Here's some pics of my trip ~


There were lots of skyscrapers in downtown Seattle!

Look how big this chocolate bar is!!!!!!


This is me in front of the very first Starbucks store.

This is a pic from inside the store ~

This is a teddy bear I found at a store ☺
It was made out of llama fur and was literally
the softest thing I've ever touched!!!
(sorry, that was pretty random)

We went to this market on our last day.
It was a really cool place!  There were fish vendors
That would throw the fish at each other and
lots of other neat shoppes :)
 Fresh fish :P

Am I the only one who loves
fluorescent signs?

Here's me putting a piece of
gum on the Seattle gum wall~
It was really gross but oddly enough, quite

Sorry, another random picture.
But isn't that the coolest sign ever?!?
It spun around too!!!

Anyone else LOVE Frangos?
You can't buy them where I live so we bought
like 10 boxes ☺

It was really sunny and beautiful all weekend!
The first volcano I ever saw ~
Here we are, at the concert!!!
Bon Jovi!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you liked this post :)
Sorry it took so long though!  I'll try to be much quicker next time.





  1. love it. love it. love it. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *deep breath*
    Looks like you had a great time!! Oh, and I understand being the only kid your age at a large public place - - awkward!!! XD

    xoxo melody

  2. Thanks Mel :)

    I had lots of fun!



  3. wow! you must've had a great time! Lovely post :)
    x Trisha

  4. Thanks Trisha! You're so sweet :)



  5. Oh my goodness, I wish I would have seen that you were in Seattle sooner! I live near Seattle so we could have met up...oh, well, maybe next time! :) It looks like you had great fun...I always enjoy Seattle. Did you get to go on the Great Wheel?
    xo Rachelle

  6. That would have been awesome! We'll come back though! It was hard to leave all that shopping behind ;) I didn't get to go on the wheel but I saw it :)