Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Tag

Hello everyone :)
I hope that all of you had a happy New Year and are ready to dive into 2014!  Today I'm going to be doing a tag from my friend Mahnoor from Pakistan(check out her blog!!!!).  She tagged me for the "New Years Tag", it is!!!
2. Answer the questions below.

Q1.Write down one major change in your life that happened in 2013.
~Well, starting this blog I guess!  I started in the summer and it's been so much fun so far ☺  Before I started blogging I had no idea how many nice girls my age there were in the blogosphere!  I've had lots of fun sharing with all of you during 2013 and hopefully 2014 will be just as much fun!
Q2. If you could turn the clock back to one specific event that took place in 2013, what would it be?
~Probably when I went rappelling during the summer!  It was so exhilarating and definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done!  You can check out the post I did about it if you'd like to see some pictures~ 
Q3. Something you look forward to in 2014? A movie? A book? Or is it something more personal?
~For me, this would definitely be the Divergent movie!  I just hope that they don't change too much from the book ;)  It comes out a few days before my birthday so it's perfect timing for me!!! 
Q4. What is 2014 about to you? Your main resolution.

~Hhmmmm........ this is tricky....... can I write a few?  Okay, I'm going to ☺ I have two main resolutions for 2014.  The first is to get in the habit of reading my bible every single day. My second is to start posting once a week without exceptions!
 3. Tag 2 or 3 people.
I tag:
Noelle from Live.Love.Move
Danielle from The Diary of Danielle
Melody from An Ordinary Life



  1. Thanks a bundle for doing the tag :)

    1. No problem! Thank YOU for nominating me :) It was lots of fun!



  2. Why thank you!! :) Email me soon, we need to talk!! :)) -Danielle