Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello everyone   : )

I haven't finished the photo challenge yet (don't worry, part 2 is on the way!) but today I'm posting about something else!  I recently noticed that I had reached 49 followers which is only one little click of  a button away from my goal for the end of 2014!  And it's only APRIL!!!!  *squeals*  So......if you guys have been reading my blog for a while you might know that I promised to do something special for when I reach that goal : A Q&A vlog or a Q&A post and MAYBE a giveaway☺

So since we've almost reached 50, I decided to start collecting questions for the Q&A now!
You can ask as many questions as you like but please make sure they are appropriate and kind.  I haven't decided whether it will be a regular post or a vlog that will be a surprise for you!  I'll answer AT LEAST one question from each person depending on how many questions I get but I will try to answer quite a few : )

Sooooo, please leave your Q&A question(s) for me in the comments and I will answer them when this blog reaches 50 followers!  Yay!!!!  <3




  1. Yay! I am so excited for you!!! :D Hmmm.... My question is... How do you put a downloaded font on a header? If you don't like this one then here's another question. :) Do you have any brothers or sisters?
    Oh and a vlog would be cool!

  2. Follow me back maybe? >_> (
    On the other hand, what are your usual hobbies apart from blogging?

  3. Oh I'm so excited for you Maiya! My question is, what would you like to have as your future career? and if you could describe your style in one word, what would it be.

    x Cory

  4. Oh, hey! I'm super excited and happy for you. ^.^

    My questions are:

    What's your pet peeve? (Like, unpushed chairs, or if you're kind of strange like me, open doors. I don't know.... I love the song "Love Is An Open Door," but it's like, there's a literally a door that's just wide open, and it's just annoying me. I know, it's weird. :P )

    And what's your favorite Disney sidekick and/or Marvel character?

    xoxo Morning

  5. Wow ! Well done !

    What is your favourite time of year ?
    What is your favourite colour ?
    Where is your favourite place in the world ?

    Eb x

  6. My question for you is ; What was the most important milestone in your walk with Christ? Also, what is your favorite thing on pizza? ;)

    Love in Christ,
    Julia Ryan

  7. Hi Missy Maiy ;)
    So... what was your favourite childrens book (or author) as a kid?
    <3 Kiya

  8. Maiya, oh, Maiya!
    How long it has been since I last stopped to read your amazing blog :'( And oh how much I have missed it! And I (apparently) have missed SO much!!! You have almost reached your goal of've gotten even MORE beautiful....and now you're soon to have a Q&A! * eep * Soooo exciting!
    Here are my questions:
    Do you have any makeup tips? (Because you always seem to have such beautiful makeup!)
    and/or what makeup products do you use?
    Do you style your hair, or just leave it the way it is in the morning?
    What is your favorite clothing brand?

    ^_^ Well, that's about it! I love you, girl! <3


  9. 51st follower!!
    You have a very pretty blog. :)


    P.s. My question to you would be, what is your favorite accessory? Like bag, bracelet, necklace. I hope that it wasn't asked already, but if it was, oh well.