Friday, October 24, 2014

Writing Contest Results!


I'm so excited that Saturday has finally arrived and that I can announce the winner of my writing contest!  It took me quite a while to choose a winner because all of the entries were amazing, but I've finally decided :) I'm going to be posting all of the entries for you to read and announcing the winner later on in this post are the entries!


                       At the Top, by Sarah Margaret

"Do not stray from your partner. You must always be near the sound of my voice. And NEVER wander away from the trail, of untie yourselves!" Their guide, Mike instructed the group of six people, not including himself. Two of those people were Molly Dyer, and her dad Alex. 17 year old Molly was doing what her mom, had dreamed to do. Climb to the top of Mount Everest, one of the tallest mountains in the world. Before her mom had met her dad, she had been a mountain climber. Climbing smaller mountains first, and then slowly working her way up to bigger ones. Molly and had dad had been training for years, and now they felt they were ready. So, here they were, listening to their guide, telling them what to do and what not to do. "Do you have all of your gear on?" Mike asked the group. A chorus of "yes's" answered him. "Good. I assume you are all aware of the dangers?" He asked more solemnly. A more sullen group answered him. "Alright everybody, let's get going!" With that we all began walking. The packed snow crunched beneath their feet and the sun glistened in the snow. "Stay close to each other!" Mike called back. Molly and her dad were the ones at the end of the chain, while Mike was at the front. Molly shifted the weight of her heavy pack trying to make it more comfortable. As they climbed higher, it began to get harder to breathe making the climb slower. "Put your masks on!” Mike ordered, pulling up his own mask and connecting the air tube. The group halted for a moment, while they all gratefully put their masks on. They had already been climbing for a few hours, and people were getting worn out already. The father up they went, the colder it got, also more beautiful. "What a sight!" Molly sighed. A tear dropped on her cheek as she thought about when her mom had died from cancer, she had only been four years old, but she remembered her some. Molly glanced over at her dad and saw that he had tears glistening as well. Suddenly, the belt chain jerked. A shriek came from the front of the chain, then a moment’s silence, one of the members of the group had fallen. "Everybody hold on!" Mike shouted back. They all braced themselves. Mike had unbuckled himself and the group gently pulled up the faint girl. She had slipped and fainted from fright. Thanks to The Lord, she lived. "Thank you Lord," Molly whispered thanks. 
Though quite shaken up, after a moments rest, they continued on into the cold, bitter wind. The sun glittered on the untouched snow. Molly breathed in all the wonderful beauty that God had created. 

After hours of climbing, a few incidents, the group finally made it safely to the top. As they stood there, Molly thought she could see the whole wide world from there. They looked around the scenery once more, "We did it Mom, we did it." Molly said with tears glistening. Her Dad wrapped his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. 

They all tiredly began down Mount Everest, still remembering the beautiful scenery. It was more dangerous going down. As everyone was worn out. As they all made it safely across a crevice, a climber’s greatest fear emerged,


Amazing girl, by Mikayla H

She had such a sunshiny smile
I never could have guessed
That she was going through such a trial
And she was constantly put to the test
If I had known it when I first met her
I would have felt it was nearly impossible
That anything that bad could not accrue 
To such a girl, but it was all to possible
Now I shed a silent tear
As I think off all she’s been through
But somehow I find cheer
Because through it all she grew
Into the beautiful girl I know now
And even though she still struggles
I’ve always wondered how,
She manages to keep up with all she juggles
And I know she’ll always be,
The most amazing girl I know
Because she’s helped me to see
That a good attitude is the key
And that sometimes just a smile
Is the best thing you could do
Even if it’s just for awhile
It makes us all want to be strong to!

Chapter 1, by Aliah 

Why me? I thought.
Why was I the one they tortured? 
Couldn't it have been someone else?
I heard Celia’s voice in my mind. “No,” she said. “You are the only one strong enough to bear what they imply. Anyone else would die in a matter of minutes. Stay strong…..” Her voice faded away.
I sobbed. I wished I could overcome my misery and defeat them; to find a piece of happiness in life. But now, my last ray of hope was almost gone. I had begun to believe that I would never defeat them; exactly what they wanted me to believe. 
“There you are.” I heard her say. But I paid no attention.
“I thought I might find you here,” she continued. Celia gently lifted me out of the tree. I tried to hold on, but she wouldn't let me.
“There, there. Don’t cry child,” she murmured, pressing me close to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist.
Celia carried me to a nearby rock and set me down.
“Tell me what you saw,” she said, tilting my chin up.
I looked into those beautiful green eyes. Her high cheek bones and pale skin. I saw the dark, luscious waves of hair, and I suddenly felt compelled to tell her everything.
“Horrible sights,” I whispered hesitantly. Celia had a kind of power that made everyone want to tell her about everyone and everything. Sometimes they even fell before her feet.
“Everyone dying.” I continued. “And everything was real!” I began to sob once more.
Celia stood-up and began to pace. I watched her through my wet lashes. 
“I have made a decision.” She said finally. “We are leaving.”
Tears stopped rolling out of my eyes. I was stunned. 
Celia was my protector, my friend, and I trusted her. But this?
“You said we should never leave.” I stammered, my voice shaking. “You said that if we ever did, they would find us.”
“So I did.” Celia said. “But that has changed. If we leave soon, and stay in the shadows, they won’t be able to. 
Zilla,” she said, sitting down next to me. “Something has been lost. It is very important. And we need to retrieve it.”
“What? How? Where? When?” The questions bubbled out of my mouth.
“Now,” she said.

MY FRIEND, by Jessica

Friend, I miss you

Your name used to bring a sparkle to my eye,

Now it makes my heart heavy.

You didn't mean to hurt me so,

I just know you didn't.

But the hurt`s there, just the same.

Why did you have to leave me,

Leave me.

I still want us, though I've moved on.

I still think of you, though not as often.

I'm sure you fill someone else's world with your smile,

I'm just glad I got it for a little while.

I doubt we will ever talk like we did, 

But I can still dream, though apart from you.

Dream on, My Friend

Last Chance Lost, by Kiya 

Every day at school, Lana practically floated through the halls. Pretty and bubbly in demeanor, everyone liked her, and she strived for perfection. When Lana made a mistake or needed help she always gratified her teachers by going straight to them for help. If people picked on her, Lana simply turned the other cheek, refusing to be dragged down by them. Many of the younger kids as well as her peers admired her and tried to mimic her, for her seemingly unwavering confidence and optimism made her beautiful. Whether she dressed up or sported a messy bun and sweatpants, Lana always looked put- together. Hobbies of Lana’s appeared to be any and all extracurricular activities- she loved them, and signed up for just about every one! Once, when Lana heard that the janitor went on vacation and they needed someone to fill in for him, she immediately stated that she needed to go to the washroom and sped out- in the wrong direction. Although Lana normally seemed quite composed and graceful, she never missed an opportunity to laugh with her friends, or console them when they needed a shoulder to cry on. It never occurred to any of her friends, though, that she might need someone to talk to. She seemed so strong, and none imagined it was any different at her house. They thought wrong. 
Day after day, Lana took as long as possible with her volunteering, and grabbed every excuse she found to stay longer, until finally, Lana trudged home at a snail’s pace, exhausted, and dreading the final steps that bring her inside her houseThe steps she loathed most, finally carried out, and she regretted them immediately. Mrs. and Mr. Penn shouted at each other in the living room, once again. Creeping through the kitchen into the hall she squeezed her eyes shut, inwardly pleading the stairs to stay silent. With her backpack gripped tightly, Lana mounted the last step and let out a loud breath as she entered her room. Crashing onto her bed, Lana started on her homework, the rhythmic scratching of the pencil drowning out her unease. Eventually, hunger brought Lana out of her dazeand reality dawned on her like a looming grey storm cloud. Heart palpitating, Lana cracked open the door a bit, bracing herself for- well, she didn't actually know, her parents, she guessed. As she cautiously went downstairs, and turned into the kitchen, Lana exhaled; her parents seemed to be out and left a note.  Lana read the note, eyes widening with each passing line, then dropped the note altogether, hands trembling. Her father left them. Confused and devastated, Lana flew to her room and hurled herself onto her bed, screaming into her pillow until the blinding pain of it dulled down and she laid there, empty heart throbbing. Words not thought of in a long time squeezed their way in, echoing through her mind, and Lana felt a pang in her chest. Remorse for her parent’s constant fighting jaded her true feelings, and as the note slid from her grasp, like so her last chance to speak these words to her father. That night, Lana lay awake, whispering the words into her pillow, praying to God for one more chance, and finally, falling into a restless slumber, the words still on her lips.
Daddy, I love you.


Thank you all sooooo much for entering, I was amazed at how beautiful all of your stories and poems were!  Sadly, there can only be one winner :(  And I chose.........Aliah! Congratulations!!!!  I'll be sending you an email soon about your prizes and things ☺  Thanks again to all of you who entered!  Your entries were spectacular!




  1. Thank you so so much! :) I can't believe I won! Aggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! :)

    1. You're so welcome Aliah! Congratulations!



  2. Congratulations Aliah! Thanks for having this contest Maiya! It was really fun. :D

    1. You're so welcome Sarah! Thanks for entering!!! You're story was really well written :)



  3. Way to go Aliah! =D And thank you for sharing all the entrys Maiya, it was fun to read them all! =) Do you know if you'll be holding any more contests in the future? =)
    Thank you!

    1. You're welcome :) Thanks so much for your entry! It was really touching ♥ Hmmm....I haven't really thought about it yet but I'll let you know! :)