Saturday, November 29, 2014



Currently I have been...
~ ~ ~

Reading... "Three Little Words" by Sarah N. Harvey
Trying... To blog more often
Eating...  Pizza
Drinking... Lemon honey tea ( not with the pizza though! )
Pinning... DIY Christmas gift ideas
Crafting... Christmas decorations for my room
Doing... Lots of homework
Going... To school and today I'm going to my life guarding course
Loving...  The little bit of snow that fell last night
Hating...  How cold it's getting ( but I love the snow...hehe)
Discovering...  My love of Musical Theatre
Enjoying... Going to Musical Theatre rehearsals twice a week
Thinking... About what to get people for Christmas
Feeling... Very tired
Hoping (for)... The book "Four" by Veronica Roth
Listening (to)... Passenger's new album "Whispers"
Celebrating... That Christmas is very soon!!!
Smelling... My new candle from Bath & Bodyworks
Thanking... God for the wonderful year I've been having
Considering... Making a Christmas room tour post
Finishing... My homework and buying Christmas presents for my family
Starting... To post on my new Instagram account (@maiyalauren)
Wishing... It was Christmas morning




  1. Hey Maiya, I dont know if you remember me, I am from, but I stopped blogging a while ago. I have just started up a new blog with a few of my friends and I would love if you could go check it out. The URL is
    Sheridan xx

  2. Great blog♥

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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  3. Ooh, musical theatre?? :D That's so neat! Have you found a favourite play yet? Oh, and by the way, I’m doing a giveaway on my blog! I'm giving away a pair of hand crocheted Whimsical Wrist Warmers. Do come check it out and feel free to enter! :)

  4. You are too cute dear! Lovely blog. xx

  5. I love this type of post! Such a good idea:)
    Lauren xoxo

  6. I am with you on every last one of these!!! Pizza sounds heavenly, Christmas can't come soon enough, the homework is piling up for me as well. :) :)

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings

  7. I love these posts Maiya! I share quite a few of them as well.

    Martha x
    Minty Fox Blog