Friday, September 4, 2015

meet my guinea pig // pippa

Hello :)

I'm so excited to introduce my baby guinea pig, Pippa!  She is such a little darling...I love her so very much!  You'll probably be seeing a lot more of her in my upcoming posts!  Isn't she the cutest thing!? 

WilaanaPetCraft was kind enough to send her a lovely little tent!  It's hand made and was soooo easy to assemble.  All you need to do is insert the wooden rods, tie them together with the little twine rope, and you're done!  It probably took me 1 minute :) 

These tents come in many different sizes, depending on the size/breed of your pet.  The shipping was so quick as well and only took a few days to arrive.  Click here to purchase the polka dot tent or here to check out all of the other tents that WilaanaPetCraft sells.

Once I put her in the tent, she wouldn't come out!  I wanted to take pictures of her outside the tent but she just kept running back in...which was frustrating for me, but at least she loves her tent! ;) And ahh she's so tiny!  I'm in love <3

Isn't she just adorable?  And the tent is so's a perfect little hideout for her and she loves it!

 Make sure to check out WilaanaPetCraft and all their adorable tents!
Also, leave me some questions down below for my upcoming Q&A :)



  1. *faints* Pippa is SO. CUTE! :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Awww! Pippa is ao adorable! And that tent..oh my goodness! Cuteness overload! <3 I've never had a guinea pig, but I've always thought it would be cool to have one. Have fun with your lil' Pippa!

    My question:
    If you could meet one person through history, who would it be and why?

  3. Maiya! Pippa is adorable, and that tent is just too precious! xx Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Sanjana

  4. Awww Pippa's adorable! I have a guinea pig too. It used to be someone else's pig so she's still getting a little used to me. I love the tent too! Great idea!

  5. Omigosh she is adorable!!! I have another question to add to the others I asked you.
    If you could switch places with any person for one day, who (and when) would it be?

  6. She is SO cute! I want one now too!!

  7. Aww! She is so precious! Adorable! :)

    I tagged you for the Song tag
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