Saturday, July 13, 2013

No-Sew Headband with Bow!

Hi!  I found an idea for a craft on Pinterest and decided to make my own tutorial for you!  It's a super easy headband that only takes a couple minutes.  Here it is:

The No-Sew Headband with Bow
You will need a measuring tape, scissors and an old T-shirt 

Measure out the size of your headband and mark where you will be cutting.
It should be about 24 by four by four inches for "tweens", teens and adults.  I made mine
with these measurements and it fits perfectly!
 (if you are making it smaller, shorten the length but keep the 4 inch width) 
Cut out the rectangle.  Keep in mind it does not matter if it's a bit wonky
Your headband will still look lovely ☺

Fold it in half.

Cut the edges in a slight curve.

Tie the ends into a double knot.

Put on your gorgeous new headband !

Thanks for checking out my first craft tutorial  ☺   Many more to come!
If you decide to make one (or a few ☺) of these super easy headbands, tell me how they turned out!  You can leave a comment below or email me at  -

Hope to hear from you ~

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