Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My summer adventures #1 ~ Living on the Wildside

I've had so many adventures this summer and haven't been in front of a computer in weeks!  I'm finally ready to tell you all about the fun I've had so far :)  Here it is~

My first big adventure of the summer was crazy!  I went to a week long adventure camp called Wildside.  We did different things every day, all of them super fun!  Here's the individual recap on the activities:

Canoe orienteering:  This was fun but not my favorite part.  We canoed around the lake using a map to find stations.  We wrote down the symbol for each station and tried to stay within the time limit while finding as many as we could.  I guess this is helpful for learning how to use a map but it wasn't super -AMAZING-.  (My team tied for second place ☺) 

Rappelling #1:  First, a crazy story.  When we were practicing rappelling on a mini wall in the forest, something crazy happened!  I as standing at the top and a big boulder started rolling off the cliff.  Luckily, Shawn (the director) yelled ; ROCK!  REALLY BIG ROCK! So everyone moved out of the way and nobody was hurt.  The boulder did keep rolling for a long time though!  It kept rolling until it hit a big tree, which it took a chunk out of!  All this was at the practice! 

(I'm sorry :(  I didn't bring my camera for this)

Rappelling #2:  Okay.  Usually I am not afraid of heights but I have to admit, walking off the edge of a 200 foot cliff was very scary.  The beginning was the worst part though.  The view was amazing and it was so much fun!  A once in a lifetime experience!  Everyone down at the main camp could see us coming down.  It was so high up! 

We had to hike for a long time to reach the rappelling cliff!

 This is the view from the top~


 Going down soon ☺
 My mom went rappelling too!

 (she went first)

 Here I come :P


Rock climbing:  Have you ever been rock climbing?  It's really fun but very challenging!  This wasn't a climbing wall in a gym, this was a cliff on a ridge in the forest.  There were three walls to climb and we all belayed (the person holding the ropes at the bottom who lowers you and brings you higher is belaying) each other.  We really had to learn to trust each other.  We did trust falls first to practice ☺


This is one of the walls we climbed~
I made it to the top ☺

 This is the view we had~
Going back down ↓

Caving:  Last but not least ☺  We went caving in 2 different caves.  It was a half hour drive and an hour and a half walk to get there (long but totally worth it!).  The entrance to the first cave we went to was HUGE!  There was water at the deepest depths of the cave.  We stopped there to rest and turned off all our lights.  When you closed your eyes were open it was just as dark as when they ere closed!  You couldn't see your hand in front of your face!  We also crammed everyone into a tiny room and almost fell asleep!  In a cave your body goes into "sleep mode" because it thinks that it's night time.  We were all soooo tired at the end of the day!  We rappelled into the second cave ☺  It was sad cause we found some bones from a deer that had fallen in :-(  The cave was pretty much a hole in the middle of the forest!  Soooo cool!  It was really deep and we went really far into it.  We spent HOURS in there!  It was such and amazing experience!  I think that the scariest part was crawling through really small hole and feeling like you were gonna be stuck in there.  Ahhh!

 The huge entrance~


 Yes.  I crawled through this hole!


How has your summer been?  This is only the first adventure of my summer!  More to come! ☺



  1. Your Holiday looked really fun!
    I wish i was their!
    XXX Abbey

  2. It was fun :) Did you go on any holidays?

    (Did you get my email?)