Monday, June 16, 2014

Q&A ......finally, the answers!

Hello again!


I have missed this little corner of the web that is my blog......but my unannounced blogging break was much needed.  But now, I'm back!  Free from school, exams and sports.....and ready to write some super fun Summer blog posts!  Yay!  ;)

So before anything else, I will be answering your Q&A questions from EVER SO LONG AGO.  Again, I am so sorry.  There won't be a video because trying and retrying to film and edit that baby is one of the main reasons I haven't posted my answers yet : ( I just can't seem to get it right so I decided to write my answers instead.  Sorry to any of you who were looking forward to the video....

So...on a happier note, here is the Q&A (I am answering my favorite question from each person)!


Eve: Q- Do you have any brothers or sisters?
         A- Yes!  I have one little sister named Grace who is 11 years old!

Kanra: Q- What are your usual hobbies apart from blogging?
             A- I have quite a few actually!  Okay, here we go; crocheting, stamp carving, scrap-booking, reading, writing, listening to music (is that a hobby?), playing violin, swimming, playing softball, watching YouTube videos, wasting time on other social media websites and hanging out with my sister and my friends!  Wow!  So many : /

Cory Lo: Q- What would you like to have as your future career?
                A- I really want to be a pediatric cardiac surgeon (a heart surgeon for kids) and travel to 3rd world countries to provide free medical care and spread the good news of my savior  ♥

MorningTime4: Q- Who is your favorite Disney sidekick?
                           A- Well, I have 2 ☺ Olaf from Frozen and Roquefort the little mouse from the Aristocats!

Eb: Q- What is your favorite time of year?
       A- Summer for sure!  I don't like to be cold....and plus, we get to swim in our pool in Summer!!!

Julia: Q- What is your favorite pizza topping?
          A- I love piles and piles of sauce with piles and piles of cheese AND caramelized onions P:  Yum!

Kiya: Q- What was your favorite children's book?
          A- All of the "Madeline" books. I memorized every word and would recite the stories all the time ;) 

Noelle: Q- Do you style your hair, or just leave it the way it is in the morning?
            A- Well, I don't style it as in straighten/curl etc but I don't leave it down either.  I usually wear a messy bun or a ponytail :)

Ezri: Q- What is your favorite accessory?
         A- Definitely my infinity sign necklace (the TFIOS feels hit me every time I wear it!  Gah!) ☺


So there we go!  Hope you enjoyed that long overdue post : )




  1. Hi Maiya :)
    I didn't know you were into stamp carving... You should do a post showing pictures of the stamps you've carved! That would be cool! (and a good filler for those times when you don't know what to blog about) Anyways, I'm excited to see you Friday!

    xox =) :P <3 Kiya
    ^ Haha went a little crazy there

    1. Hey Kiya :)

      Yeah...I thought it would be fun so I bought stamp carving tools (bit of an impulse buy...) and it's quite hard....but fun! And then you can have the exact stamp you want :) Yeah, that's a great idea!
      Yes!!! Can't wait :D Miss you :''''(



  2. Hello Maiya!
    I love your new blog layout! I also love making stamps and actually posted pics of one of my favorite ones here on my blog:
    I would also love to see what stamp creations you have made!