Tuesday, June 23, 2015

easy diy cream blush

Hello everyone!

I'm absolutely loving Summer so far :) aren't you?  It's so nice not to have to worry about school and just relax.
A few days ago I was feeling in a crafty mood and decided to experiment with some diy makeup recipes.  I finally came out with a perfect combination and a gorgeous cream blush for the Summer time!  It's so easy and I'm sure you'll have everything you need to make it at home.


+ wax (make sure it's safe to use on your skin...like beeswax or soy wax)
+ any powder blush, eye shadow, loose pigment, or lipstick
+ natural oil  (I used coconut but jojoba, vegetable, or any other oil would be fine)
+ a little container (I used an empty powder blush container)
+ a heat source (I just melted everything in a metal spoon over a candle)

step 1 - measure out 1 tsp of wax, 1 tsp of oil, and 1 tsp of color (powder blush, lipstick etc)

step 2 - melt your wax and oil over the heat source

step 3 - mix in your color (if you're using powder, make sure it's very fine and that there are no lumps)

step 4 - pour your mixture into your container

step 5 - let it set for a few hours...and you're done!

I'm SOOOO happy with how this turned out.  It's very pigmented, beautiful, and works just as well as any cream blush you would buy!  If you want it to be even more long lasting you can set it with a powder blush, but it lasts fairly well on its own.  I also love how you can customize the shade of this product :) You could make so many different shades...the possibilities are endless!  You can also use this product as a lip balm if you want.  It's very moisturizing and adds a little pop of color to your lips.  Perfect for Summer!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have a wonderful day...love you ♥



  1. ooh, so pretty ♥ I should try this sometime.

    your blog is lovely, hun. and so is your ig.


  2. This looks so nice, will definitely have to give it a try :). Thanks for sharing the recipe.