Thursday, June 18, 2015

ipsy - June 2015


Happy Summer!  I'm officially finished school so I should be posting more frequently for the next few months.  Yay!!!  To celebrate the end of the school year I decided to treat myself to an ipsy subscription.  In case you aren't familiar with it, ipsy is a monthly subscription service that sends you 4-5 sample sized beauty products.  It's only 10$ a month (or 15$ if you don't live in the US) which I think is an amazing price!
I just received my first bag a few days ago and thought I'd show you what's inside!

The first product in my bag was this OGX "Healing+Vitamin E Penetrating Oil"  (check it out here).  I've used this a few times so far and I absolutely LOVE it!  It claims to heal split ends and add moisture to your hair, and so far it has made my hair feel amazing and really helped with frizzyness :) I run this through towel dried hair after a shower and it works wonders.  Not to mention that this very big for a sample sized product!  I am so soooo happy with it.

The next product in my bag was a Too Faced "Melted Lipstick" in the shade "Melted Candy" (check it out here).  I was really happy to find this in my bag cause I already have 4 other melted lipstick shades and they're amazing ♥  This one is a hot pink color that is perfect for the Summer.

Above is "Melted Candy" and below is my entire melted lipstick collection
("Melted Berry", "Melted Fuchsia", "Melted Candy", "Melted Nude", Melted Peony") 

The next product in my bag was this Swissco Eyelash Curler (check it out here).  I love that it's purple and it works very well.  It feels like good quality and I was very pleased to see this in my bag :)

The next product in my bag was this treStique Mini Shadow Crayon in the shade "Marimoto Pink Pearl" (check it out here).  It is absolutely WONDERFUL.  I've worn this by itself and with eye shadow over top, and it didn't crease either time.  It is a great products and I will be using it all.the.time. ♥ This might just be my favorite product in the bag!

 The last product in my ipsy bag was this adorable coral nail polish!  It's from the brand Aurora and claims to be a "Gel Effect" polish with no UV needed...which I'm guessing means it gives you the same look as a gel polish without the hassle!  I haven't used this yet but it is a perfect Summer shade and I'm very excited about it :)

I was VERY happy with my ipsy and will definitely be continuing with my subscription.  Let me know if you'd like to see more ipsy posts in the future...maybe this could be a monthly thing! ♥



  1. looks very interesting! the hair oil looks like it might be my favourite of the pack, because i (unfortunately) suffer from frizzy hair ;)

  2. So awesome! I've been thinking of getting myself a subscription to ipsy or Birchbox.

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. awesome post! I've heard about it before and really wanted to do it but now I REALLY want to!

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