Monday, April 18, 2016

blue jean baby

Hello my lovely friends, I've missed you all very much!  To distract myself from the overwhelming stress that school is putting upon me, I decided to take a break from studying and share some of my favourite songs with you.

I love you so ~ The Walters

It's alright ~ Fractures

Waiting ~ Alice Boman

Who loves the sun ~ The Velvet Underground

Let my baby stay ~ Mac Demarco

Baby I'm yours ~ Arctic Monkeys

Beacon ~ Matt Duncan

Only one who knows ~ Arctic Monkeys

Never gonna give you up ~ The Black Keys

Cavalier ~ James Vincent Mcmorrow

I make monthly playlists with songs like these on my spotify (@maiyalauren) in case you wanted to check it out :) If you could comment one of your favourite songs down below, that would be wonderful!  I'd better get back to studying now...or my Chemistry midterm is going to be a disaster.  Send love and hugs my way!



  1. One of my fav songs at the moment is 'Old Pine' by Ben Howard.
    Good luck with your exams! I will be praying for you. <3

  2. Aww! I just love these photos of you! You look like a modern rendition of a forest fairy..

  3. Sooo cute 😍 One of my fave songs rn is here comes the sun- Beatles :) xoxoxo

  4. you're adorable <3 thanks for sharing your favourite songs! xx

  5. Ohh, thanks for the amazing recommendations! The stress is real, and the playlists are abused.
    p.s. you are so beautiful!