Wednesday, May 25, 2016

drifting & thrifting

Hello again!

So many of you on instagram said you'd love to see a thrift haul, so I'm back today to show you what I've picked up lately.  This past week I've done a lot of thrifting.  My shopping addiction combined with the lovely spring weather was just too much, so I spent 3 days browsing various thrift and vintage shops with my sister.

I'll probably be back with a new vintage haul very soon, because one of the thrift shop owners told me about a store in my city called "vintage buck" where everything is just $1...I have a feeling I'll leave that place with my arms full of treasures and plenty of things to share with you all in a post.  I'll keep you updated! 

I am SOO in love with these "PULSE" jeans.  I was very pleased with how perfectly they fit, and how gorgeous the wash was.  This brand was very big in the 80s, and finding them was very exciting for me! I know I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of these ~

In my opinion, this is the perfect summer top.  I've been gravitating towards very neutral tones lately, so this beige and white striped tank was right up my alley.  I also found the exact same top in blue+white!  It's so rare to find 2 of the same item in vintage stores, so of course I was thrilled.

Here you can see the blue+white version of the top I mentioned above.  

These pants from the brand "un, deux, trois" were another very exciting find!  They're white, ribbed, and a little bit cropped.  I'm so excited to style these this spring and summer, cause they are so lovely and very different from anything else I own.

This oversized "gap" denim jackets is definitely one of my favourite finds.  The wash is so perfect, and the fact that it's oversized gives any outfit more of an effortless look, which I love.

These jeans are one of a kind and so gorgeous.  You can't totally see in these pictures, but there is a patch of floral embroidery on the front zipper which is completely adorable.  These are a bit too big for me, but I couldn't leave them behind! :)

These "Ikeda" jeans are another really amazing vintage find! I was on the hunt for a great pair of high-waisted black jeans, and these ones are perfect.

This pair of overalls and dial phone are possibly the most exciting thrifting finds so far!  The dial phone really does work, and is a lovely pale pinky beige colour.

My sister is shown here wearing the black denim overalls we found.  We had both been on the hunt for a pair like this for such a long time, and we're so thrilled to finally have them! They are so comfortable and easy to throw on, and we absolutely adore them!

I also picked up these two records!  The first I bought mostly for the album cover…but I ended up quite enjoying the music as well.  The second album I found was "ABBA - greatest hits".  This was such an exciting find, and neither of these records have a single scratch!

I hope you guys enjoyed this thrift haul post :) Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future (other clothing hauls, makeup hauls etc…), and comment down below what your favourite thing I bought was.




  1. I loved this!! Please do post more!

  2. You made some gorgeous finds! I wish I had a vintage store near me:) I'm not sure I can pick a favorite though.

  3. That is awesome!! You found some awesome clothing! I love vintage clothing, pretty rose prints, skirts, and I spend a lot of time ogling 50's and 40's sewing patterns on the Vintage Patterns Wiki...there aren't any vintage shops where I live though. Can you take me with you the next time you go thrifting? xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. So in love, you found some really great finds !!!

  5. Lovely post Maiya �� your room/style is goals!! I love the overalls, jeans, and denim jacket<3 xoxox

  6. you're the cutest <3 these stuff look incredible on you!!

  7. Hey Maiy! Wow you found some great stuff! I haven't gone thrifting in sooo long (I know, right?) but you've definitely inspired me. Also, that dial phone is adorable o.O
    <3 Kiya

  8. AH so pretty and aesthetic!!!
    I have been super into pinks, peaches, and creams of late.