Thursday, March 9, 2017

march playlist

never wanna leave - hate drugs

wilderness - jens kuross

you were my girl - palmas

caught me thinkin - bahamas

make believe - astronaut husband

can't nobody love you - the zombies

little blue - martin courtney

cameos - swimming tapes

golden days - whitney


  1. I LOVE THE VIBE OF THESE SONGS. I just typed the fist four into the search bar and I'm in love! My Friday morning just got so much better!!

    1. thank you sooo much!! I'm so glad you like them :)) I post playlists every month on my Spotify (@maiyalauren) if you want to check out some more of my favourites!
      You're the sweetest <3 thanks for your lovely comments, you made my day!!

    2. Wonderful! I'm glad I checked back on this comment about to follow you on Spotify!!

  2. Woah, these are amazing photos!!
    SO so cool!!
    And I will definitely have to check those songs- I've totally been in a music rut lately.
    you have such a cute blog <3 <3
    elissa //

  3. I think I've never heard any of these songs, but I'm downloading them later! Thanks a lot for this!

  4. Not much familiar with these songs except for the songs by Whitney.Thanks dear!

  5. Sound relaxing but most it are new in my ear. will check on it. Thanks!

  6. Nice putting that photo as a visual display..catchy!Somehow the photo relates to your song choice.